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Our Technology

Spectra Technologies leverages core R&D competencies in Micro-encapsulation, Photochemistry,
Specialty Media and New Material Science, towards the development and commercialization of market changing products, which are protected by a mosaic of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets.


Spectra micro-encapsulation is an innovative technology which allows for the containment and activated release of of a wide range of ingredients. The activation technology can be used with a broad array of triggering mechanisms including thermal, pressure, electric, organic, or chemical reactions. This allows us to create custom solutions for problems requiring the conditional delivery of active agents.

Digital Imaging Technology

Spectra digital imaging technology allows for the transfer of images without the use of applied materials such as inks, dyes, or coatings. These are instead embedded into the substrate material and activated using alternate techniques such as photo irradiation to create the required image. Substrates can include materials such as paper, fabric, or film.

Bio-Polymer Technology

Spectra bio-polymer technology allows for the hybrid design of molecules which share functional characteristics. This allows the production of plastic materials with organic properties such as biodegradability. These properties may also be activated through a variety of triggering agents.

Color Change Technology

Spectra color change technology allows the development of swabs, wipes, patches, or other indicators which signal the presence of a designated material. This system also allows for the development of a variety of other applications such as invisible security watermarks or mess free markers.

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